On Friday, February 24, our Social Media Club (SMC) had the opportunity to attend a Marketing Expo that was organized by the Merced Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Merced College had its own booth and was staffed by members from SMC.  We were there answering questions about social media, our college, and our new Social Media Club on campus.

Our club advisor, Toni Reintke, had the opportunity to speak to the audience who attended the event.  All club members who were present were asked to go to the front of the room and introduce ourselves.  We all looked great up there wearing our SMC t-shirts!

The event was filled with local businesses, some which had an idea of how to use social media to promote their business.  Others were intrigued by the idea and were interested in more information.  All club members were scheduled to attend the event for an hour, but since we all had a great time, most of us stayed until the end.  We were even lucky enough to win a gift basket from a raffle at the end of the night!

SMC would like to thank Toni Reintke, our advisor, for her hard work and dedication that she put toward setting up our first official event.  She was kind enough to set up the booth, gather all the items that were used and handed out during the event, and she created beautiful name tags and t-shirts for all SMC members.  We all had a great time interacting with the participating local businesses and are looking forward to future events!