By Richard Martorello, SMC Member

A recent article in Baseline Magazine revealed a Microsoft survey of more than 5,000 people saying we are not dealing very well with reality. To clarify, the reality of what is posted online.

It may not be pretty but our online reputation precedes us. We post online. Our friends post online. What is the connection? The connection is social media pages.

55% of the adult respondents claimed they were concerned about their online reputation. However, 30% of the respondents felt they had little or no control over their online reputation.

Meanwhile, 38% of the respondents do say they think about the impact of their online actions on others including social network friends. Posting information online that has damaged relationships or harmed others was done by 12% of those surveyed. Negatively impacted by online activities by others on social media and other outlets have made 14% guilty by association.

What are some of the results of these social behaviors? Three negative consequences were reported by the respondents.

  1. Getting fired (21%),
  2. Getting turned down for a job (16%), and
  3. Getting turned down for a mortgage (15%).

What is posted on social media pages can impact our personal image and professional career.

“Your online reputation is shaped by your interactions in the online world and spans the disparate and varied data about you, whether created and posted by you or others,” says Brendon Lynch, chief privacy officer at Microsoft. “This information can have a lasting presence online, and can affect your life in many ways — from maintaining friendships to helping you keep or land a new job.”

It is said what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. And maybe we should remember this piece of social media wisdom:

Say it. Forget it. Write it. Regret it.

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– “Your Online History Jeopardizes Your Career”, Dennis McCafferty, Baseline Magazine,

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