By Richard Martorello, SMC Member

Companies are using third-party applications to comb through profiles found on Facebook. A popular application used to sometimes access personal profiles is BeKnown.

BeKnown is a Facebook app by Monster and provides an easy way to search for and apply for jobs by job seekers within Facebook. Personal Facebook information can be enabled private by users and its fully integrated with Facebook.

According to Alison Doyle, job search and employment expert with’s job search site, BeKnown is for all types and levels of job seekers. Doyle continues by saying “You don’t need to be a professional to use BeKnown. BeKnown provides networking on Facebook, regardless of the position you’re seeking. In addition, with availability in 19 languages, it’s a truly international networking tool.”

“Another important feature of BeKnown is that it separates personal from professional. Your BeKnown profile is separate from your Facebook profile and it stays that way. You don’t have to worry, any more than usual, about your personal life and what you post on Facebook overlapping with your work life,” Doyle explains.

An example of a company using third-party apps is Sears. Sears job site through Facebook can allow an applicant the option of logging on where a third-party application can draw profile information such as a friend list.

The company assumes “that people keep their social profiles updated to the minute, which allows us to consider them for other jobs in the future or for ones that they may not realize are available currently,” said Sears Holdings Inc. spokeswoman Kim Freely.

Social media has its good and bad sides. BeKnown and Facebook are good when used properly by users and jobseekers. Remember to read the user profile setup instructions of the application. Review and set profile settings to the level one is most comfortable with. If uncertain with a profile setting, check the applications Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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